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Chefs, Roots and Learning: Cookbooks That Caught Our Eye

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Written by Team Project Foodie   
Tuesday, 11 December 2012

ImageTime for more of our favorite cookbooks... today we’ve got a hodge-podge of recent eye catching cookbooks. Although it seems it might not be a total hodge-podge in that, unintentionally, we've set our sights on two cookbooks that are both by San Francisco (or soon to be former San Francisco) Chefs. Perhaps, we’re biased (Project Foodie is based about 45 minutes south of San Francisco) you’ll have to be the judge.

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School by Kathleen Flinn

Author of the acclaimed The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry once again reflects upon her life in the world of food; but this time, the student has become the teacher. With empathy and humor, Flinn gradually transforms nine insecure, inexperienced, processed-food-eating folks into decent home cooks. The book includes simple, solid recipes for meals that are delicious, economical, and nutritious. -- picked by Peggy Fallon

Recipes to try: 2 viewable recipes from "The Kitchen Counter Cooking School".

Roots by Diane Morgan

This handsome tome un-earths the enduring appeal of root vegetables. With over 225 inspired recipes by veteran food pro, Morgan--complete with photos by Antonis Achilleos—ROOTS makes the ideal reference/cookbook for farmers’ market shoppers, CSA advocates, or anyone who has ever lifted a gnarly vegetable from a produce bin at the supermarket and wondered, “What’s this?” -- picked by Peggy Fallon

Recipes to try: 3 viewable recipes from "Roots".


Beginnings by Chris Cosentino

San Francisco residents know first hand the innovative food that Chris Cosentino produces at his restaurant Incanto. In Chris’s first book he presents recipes for the home chef that showcase his style of Italian food with seasonal ingredients.  As the title suggests, Beginnings focuses on first courses most of which have a rustic twist.  Mixed throughout the book are hand-drawn sketches of the dishes and personal stories from this innovative Chef.  We eagerly await the next in what is presumably a series of books by Chris showcasing all the courses he so intensely creates. -- picked by Pam

Recipes to try: 2 viewable recipes from "Beginnings".

Cooking Off the Clock by Elizabeth Falkner

Elizabeth Falkner may be best known as a pastry chef with her Citizen Cake restaurant in San Francisco (sadly closing at the end of this year), but she does much more. Cooking Off the Clock showcases not only Elizabeth’s savory side but also her personal recipes – the food she cooks for herself at home.  While many chef cookbooks present recipes from their restaurant, those recipes are often difficult to reproduce at home.  Cooking Off the Clock captures the essence of Elizabeth Falkner with recipes we can all make.  Something I wish all chef cookbooks provided.-- picked by Pam

Recipes to try: 2 viewable recipes from "Cooking Off the Clock".

Disclosure: Review copies of books discussed in this post may have been provided to Project Foodie by publicists and/or publishers.


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