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What is the Project Foodie Recipe Box?

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ImageProject Foodie recipe search provides access to over 100,000 magazine recipes, television show recipes, and newspaper recipes. Simply put, Project Foodie is a one-stop, publisher independent, recipe search website with over 100,000 recipes all on one web destination - 

Project Foodie Recipe Box FAQ


Finding Recipes

Viewing Recipes



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How do I find recipes?

You can search for recipes by words in the recipe title.

You can browse the magazine issues, newspapers issues and cookbook table of contents.

You can group recipes by tags that describe the recipe.
You can let us surprise you with a random selection of recipes with a specific or any tag.

What recipes are viewable?

All of the magazine recipes except for Cook’s Illustrated can be viewed without a subscription; Better Homes & Gardens requires creation of a free account on their website to view recipes.

All of the newspaper recipes can be viewed without a subscription, but in some cases you will need to create a free account on the newspapers website.

Some of the cookbook recipes can be viewed, but not all of them. Those that are not viewable list the page number for the recipe in the book.

How do I view a recipe?

Click on the 'view recipe on publisher’s website' link to view a recipe.


Why have cookbook recipes listed if I can’t view them?

If you own the cookbook then saving the recipe information in your Project Foodie recipe box allows you to easily find what page and in what cookbook the recipe is in.  It also reminds you that you liked (or didn’t like) a recipe from a cookbook…

How do I Search for recipes?


1. Enter the words from a recipe title you want to find

2. Click on search.

3. Once your search results have displayed you can narrow down the results using the filters to the left of the search results.
For example, if you want to see only recipes in magazines then you'd click on magazines to see only recipes that match your search from magazines.

How do I browse for recipes?

You can browse for recipes a number of ways:


Browse by Publication lets you browse all recipes in the current issue of a magazine or month of a newspaper:

  • 1. Click on  "recipes by publication" located under Recently Added Recipes at the top right of the web page. This will display a list of all available publications as shown below:
  • Image
  • 2. Click on the publication you are interested in from the list of publications. This will then show you the list of recipes in the current issue of that publication.  

Browse by Issue lets you browse all recipes in a specific issue of a magazine, a month of a newspaper, or an episode of a TV show:
  • 1. Click on the "recipes by issue" located under Recently Added Recipes at the top right of the web page.This will display the Browse by Issue selector as shown below:
  • Image
  • 2. Select the publication type (Magazine, Newspaper, Television, Cookbook) from the publication selector.
  • 3. Select the desired publication year
  • 4. Select the desired publication issue
  • 5. Press go.  The recipes from the selected issue will display.

How do I get a surprise list of recipes?

Click the 'surprise me' button to get a suggestion of 5 random recipes.

If you only want recipes from a specific tag then select that tag from the 'with tag' list before clicking 'surprise me'  

How do I change my password, email or newsletter subscription preference?
-Click here, enter your new password, update your password, email or newsletter subscription and click Update.

How do I get notified when new recipes are available?

Sign-up for e-mail notification or the RSS feed here.

How can I add recipe searching to my website?

Simply add the Project Foodie recipe search widget to your site following these instructions.


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