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What's Cooking December 2009?

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Written by Team Project Foodie   
Tuesday, 01 December 2009

ImageBakers heat up your ovens! The December baking bash has begun with cookies, treats, cakes, pies and even more cookies flowing from ovens everywhere. It's no wonder we don't all gain a lot more weight each December.  Entertaining is high on foodies agendas too with holiday parties, Hanukkah dinners, Christmas gatherings and the grand daddy of all parties on New Year's Eve.  This month's magazines provide great recipes, entertaining tips, menus and more to help all of us survive this foodie feeding frenzy…

Saveur - recipe list

ImageDecember is all about ham. Learn how cured pork is celebrated and loved all over the world. Included is a primer on all types of ham, from fresh ham to tasso ham to yes, even Spam. Satisfy your craving with recipes for ham and cheese soufflés, and ham steaks with hazelnut sauce. Sweet tooths haven't been forgotten. In a "Sweet Tradition,'' learn how to make holiday treats from Sweden, including saffron buns and peppermint caramels. Lastly, take a peek inside Judith Jones' home kitchen. The book editor extraordinaire, who spearheaded Julia Child's first cookbook when every other publisher turned it down, talks about what she deems essential in a kitchen. - written by Carolyn Jung

Recipes to try:

Garganelli with peas and proscuitto - a creamy pasta dish made even more luxurious with grated Parmesan and the brightness of fresh mint.

Safed Chole (Spiced Black-Eyed Peas with Curry Leaves) -  Made with hot paprika, jaggery, and tamarind, it's an explosion of flavors to start the new year.

Fine Cooking - recipe list

ImageBoasting 52 classic holiday recipes on the cover this issue is packed with entertaining, baking and celebration themes. Entertaining options include both fancy and casual options.  For the adventurous foodie, choices of duck, goose and hen centerpiece dishes will have you planning several winter feasts.  And don't forget the sweets.  Whether you're a cake or cookie baker this month's recipes shine.  You'll also find tamales, parsnips galore, and all the intricate details you need to make homemade fudge.  All tolled this issue has me starry eyed and will surely keep me busy cooking all this month and next.  Picking recipes to try was not difficult, I marked bunches with the try tag, but picking only two to share with you was difficult indeed... - written by Foodie Pam

Recipes to try:

Orecchiette with Brussels Sprouts, Gorgonzola, and Brown-Butter Pecans - Roasted Brussels sprouts are like candy - I just can't stop eating them right out of the roasting pan.  Mix that with Gorgonzola cheese and Orecchiette and the result just call out to me - eat me now!

Roasted Goose with Brandied Prune Stuffing and Red Wine Gravy - It's almost like Fine Cooking was reading my mind. I've been telling everyone that this winter I'm roasting a goose for the first time ever. Now I've got no excuse - this recipe lays out the steps easy as pie.

Bon Appetit - recipe list

ImageThe usual holiday fare is the focus of this month’s Bon Appetit. There are holiday feasts including a Hanukkah dinner for eight and a  Christmas Eve supper for eight that’s elegant, yet approachable in its menu and setting. My favorite, though, is the 59-minute dinner that guarantees a holiday feast for eight in less than an hour. Believe it  or not, there’s another menu in the magazine that’s, yep, you guessed it, for eight. When did we all celebrate and dine in groups of eight? Rounding out the issue is a cookie feature and a grand finale dessert piece. - written by Sophia Markoulakis

Recipes to try:

Roast Salt- and Spice-Packed Pork Loin offers the cook a new technique to master. Granted, trying this out for the first time for a special occasion like a holiday meal might intimidate some, but I say go for it because the results are amazing.

Pancetta and Taleggio Lasagna with Treviso is a great alternative to traditional lasagna. This grown up version of a favorite baked pasta dish has bold flavors from the radicchio-related treviso and the decadent semi-soft taleggio.

Rustic Tomato Soup with Toasted Cumin and Mini Rajas has great flavors thanks to whole toasted cumin seed, ground allspice, achiote paste, and dried guajillo chile. Don’t let the ingredients intimidate you — this soup’s super fast to make and can be made up to two days ahead.

EatingWell - recipe list

ImageAs a Foodie, I love to give gifts from my kitchen. This issue has five make-ahead recipes perfect for gift-giving. Each recipe shows a photo of an attractive serving piece to include with the gift for an extra special touch. They even include a web address for purchasing the items.  My favorites: the Mario Batali pizza pan ($70) for a Sweet Potato Onion Galette; a bread warmer basket ($18) for Fig Anise Rolls; and a sleek soup tureen ($39) for a Roasted Pumpkin-Apple Soup.  And for your holiday cookie baking, this issue shares 6 winning heirloom recipes sifted from hundreds of Cookie Contest finalists.  You may want to test a new one this year! - written by Rosemary Mark

Recipes to try:

Salsa Palermitana - This garlicky sauce made with sliced lemons, cherry tomatoes, garlic, white wine and briny olives and capers should taste as fresh and zesty as it looks in the photo.

Cranberry Upside-Down Cake - I always save a stash of fresh cranberries in my freezer to use all year and I think this upside-down cake would be delicious in any season.  It's made with half whole-wheat flour for a wheaty flavor and a touch of extra fiber.

Food & Wine - recipe list

ImageIt seems the folks at Food and Wine love the December holidays just as much as I do.  This issue is chock full of great ideas to make your Holidays the most delicious and memorable, but with a focus on easy entertaining.  Examples include learning how to have a more laid back holiday potluck with "Baked" owners Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito; and instead of BYOB, how about trying a little BYOC (Bring your own Cheese) for a fun wine and cheese party? Help is on the way for surviving the holidays too with cookbook Author Eugenia Bone who shares how she keeps her sanity during the busy month.  For wine lovers there is a refresher on the five rules of holiday wine giving.  And for cookbooks lovers, check out the gift ideas with a theme based on Food and Wine's favorite Cookbooks of the year. - written by Heather Jones

Recipes to try:

Goat Cheese & Chorizo Rolls - I love Goat Cheese and I love Chorizo so what could be possibly be bad about this little bundles.  If all goes well, they will definitely have a spot on my New Year's Eve table.

Black Bean-and-Quinoa  Salad - When I need a break from all of those   rich holiday meals this is sure to do the trick, and I'm always   looking for a new way to get the most out of my whole grains.
Food Network magazine - recipe list

ImageThis month’s issue is chock full of great recipes and ideas that are perfect for the holidays and beyond. Some of my favorite features include the Sealed & Delivered piece on recipes in a jar. The photographs are oversized with easy-to-read identification and measurements. No mystery ingredients here—every layer in each gift jar is easy to decipher, making it a great go-to gift idea. I also loved the build-your-own crepe bar story with different savory filling options including citrus shrimp and creamy mushroom. The edible holiday wreaths are too tempting to hang outdoors and make a great winter vacation craft project for the kids. Top the afternoon off with cookies from the cookie feature and customized hot cocoa from the hot cocoa spread. - written by Sophia Markoulakis

Recipes to try:
Roasted Lamb Shanks with Lemon and Herbs has few ingredients but gains a rich complexity from its slow cooking.

Crudo on the Half Shell is basically a raw seafood salad served in just-shucked clam shells. Make sure the seafood is super fresh and enjoy this elegant starter.

Croquembouche, when presented in this magazine, is totally doable thanks to numerous photographed steps. The cream puffs and cream filling can be made ahead of time, leaving only the caramel and assembly for the big day.
Sunset - recipe list 

ImageThe hefty number of recipes in December (more than any other issue of the year) offers lots of appealing choices including: a four-page spread of short-cut appetizers; twists on holiday drinks such as coconut eggnog and cranberry-spice tea; a whopping 20+ cookie recipes (actually 4 basic recipes plus 4 to 5 interesting variations of each); a feature devoted solely to clever cookie decorating techniques; and how to turn inexpensive cuts of meat into succulent roasts for holiday menus. Each includes a full dinner menu. – written by Rita Held 

Recipes to try:
Pork Shoulder Roast with Figs, Garlic and Pinot Noir. I cannot wait to give this a try. The entire menu includes braised winter greens with bacon, and soft polenta. (The two side dishes are from previous issues of Sunset.)
Apricot-Pecan Crumb Bars. A variation of the basic shortbread recipe that seems deliciously simple.

Better Homes & Gardens - recipe list

ImageThis issue awakens all of my fantasies about having the perfect Holiday. Start off your holiday preparations with inspiring ideas for festive and inexpensive dining table decor. Next, grab a box of graham crackers and a group of youngsters to make no cook Gingerbread houses.  Cookbook author Diane Morgan shares a few recipes from the appropriately titled cookbook "The Christmas Table", and try jazzing up those potato latkes this year with toppings like Blue Cheese, walnuts, and fried sage or Goat Cheese, pear slices, and honey.  And let's not forgot the cookies, who doesn't love a great Christmas cookie! - written by Heather Jones

Recipes to try:

Vanilla & Mocha Angel Wings - Anxious to start my own tradition of   Holiday baking with my girls these simple butter cookies are sure to big a big hit.

Classic Oyster Stew - My brother in law is a commercial fisherman   which means I'm fortunate enough to be the recipient of the leftovers   from his latest catches. He recently dropped off some oysters and I realized I've never made oyster stew.  This recipe looks like a   classic and with two cups of whipping cream I'm sure it will be as creamy and rich as I'm dreaming it will be.


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