Recipe Spotlights

Project Foodie Recipe Spotlights present recipes from Chefs at Bed & Breakfasts, Wineries and Restaurants along with those of cookbook authors. Check out these interesting and tasty recipes:

Bed & Breakfasts: Do you enjoy breakfast? If your typical breakfast consists of milk and cereal then you may not. But what about a hot breakfast prepared just for you? Here at Project Foodie we find hot breakfasts very enjoyable. Unfortunately, breakfast is not a highly publicized meal and recipes for breakfast are often overlooked. That's why Project Foodie is working with Bed & Breakfasts to bring you recipes for some of those beautifully crafted morning meals. We hope you find they are a perfect way to usher in your day.

Cookbooks:An enormous number of cookbooks are published each year making it extremely difficult to decide which cookbooks to welcome into our kitchens. To help make that process easier, Project Foodie Cookbook Spotlights present and describe interesting cookbooks along with example recipes from those cookbooks.

Restaurants: At Project Foodie eating and enjoying food is our passion. What better way to do that than to enjoy the unique creation of a professional chef? Unfortunately, the reality is that we can not always get to our desired restaurant. Project Foodie helps with this dilemma by presenting spotlights on restaurants with recipes from their Chefs. The spotlights allow you to create your own version of their magnificent dishes or, if you prefer, simply drool over the images of their amazing food.

Wineries: Food and wine go together like bread and butter - they are almost soul mates. So what could be better than to pair recipes with wines? Well, how about recipes crafted specifically for certain wines? Here at Project Foodie we do just that - pair wines with recipes created specifically for them. We're working with wineries to bring you recipes they have created to perfectly complement their wines.