Ubriaco, Italian cow milk cheese

ImageThis fragrant and delectable cow's milk cheese starts life as a fruity, semi-soft cheese from Friuli. Following traditional custom, this cheese is bathed in local wines (both red and white), covered with the stems and seeds leftover from the wine making process and left to age for 6 - 10 months.  Ubriaco is the first cheese to undergo this particular processing.   No small wonder then that "ubriaco" means "drunken" in Italian.

The resulting cheese has a distinct winey flavor on the rind with a bright, white interior.  The aroma alone is wonderful and reminiscent of a winery's barrel room.  The finish on this cheese has a lovely pineapple-like flavor which balances the creamy texture of the pate.

Who needs wine to go with this cheese as it already has some in it?   Just kidding.  This cheese would pair well with a medium bodied red wine like a Chianti Classico.

About the Cheesemonger

ImageThe cheesemonger has two locations: The Grapevine Wine & Cheese Shop located in downtown Willow Glen, CA and Good Tastes Wine, Cheese & Tasting Bar located in downtown Campbell, CA.  Selecting cheese at these shops could not be easier or more fun.   They have a wide selection of high quality cheese from throughout the world with new shipments frequently arriving. All cheese can be tasted prior to purchase and is cut to order. And if you are not sure what you want, their knowledgeable staff will gladly help you pick out the perfect cheese.   Stop by and check out this month's featured cheese or join their bi-monthly Cheese club and be surprised by the outstanding cheeses provided to you!

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