Mimolette, Cows milk (French)

About the cheese

ImageWhat looks like a bowling ball on the outside, a cantaloupe on the inside and tastes like a combination of Gouda and Cheddar?  Must be the spherical and brilliantly orange Mimolette!

The cheese originated in Holland and is made in a similar way to Edam.  It's believed that the recipe for this cheese found its way to France during the 17th century when all importation of foreign goods was forbidden by one Minister Colbert.  The French, loving the cheese, began to make it for themselves and have ever since.  You can also find this cheese called "Boule de Lille" after the area it comes from (Lille).  

The cheese isn't perfectly round; it is slightly flattened on both ends which keeps it from rolling around the cheese cellar.  Most Mimolette is aged and you can find it from 6 months old (demi-vielle), one year (vielle) and 18 months (tres vielle).  The flavors become more piquant with age and as one might expect the cheese becomes more dry and crumbly.

The 6 month old Mimolette grates, slices and melts easily.  It is a perfect table cheese and is very popular.

Cheese Handling Procedures

This cheese is fairly indestructible.  Wrap it, keep it cold and you can't go wrong.  It is both a cooked and a pressed cheese, so it is fashioned for the long-haul.  It should do fine in your fridge for several weeks, but of course, tastes the best shortly after cutting.  The outside is a natural rind, but it is inedible.

Wine and food pairing suggestions

Slice it thin and add it to a ham sandwich.  Cut it in triangles and use it on your cheese board or as a garnish to a fruit plate.  Your kids will love it and Mimolette adds color and a bit of panache to any plate.  Bright, fruity wines pair well, such as sangiovese, merlot or syrah.

About the Cheesemonger

ImageThe cheesemonger has two locations: The Grapevine Wine & Cheese Shop located in downtown Willow Glen, CA and Good Tastes Wine, Cheese & Tasting Bar located in downtown Campbell, CA.  Selecting cheese at these shops could not be easier or more fun.   They have a wide selection of high quality cheese from throughout the world with new shipments frequently arriving. All cheese can be tasted prior to purchase and is cut to order. And if you are not sure what you want their knowledgeable staff will gladly help you pick out the perfect cheese.   Stop by and check out this months featured cheese or join their bi-monthly Cheese club and be surprised by the outstanding cheeses provided to you!

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