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Project Foodie Gift Guide 2010

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Written by Team Project Foodie   
Friday, 26 November 2010

ImageAre you looking for the perfect foodie gift?  We're constantly looking for things that foodies love.  This year we've found (and tested out) some wonderful gifts that are sure to put a smile on your favorite foodie's face.  Read on to see our top holiday gift picks for foodies including gifts for the kitchen, stocking stuffers, and the gift of food itself.  We've also even found some fabulous kitchen gifts for Hanukkah. 


Gifts for the Kitchen - every foodie wants more things for the kitchen…

ImageHanukkah Gifts:  While any of the following gifts would be loved by a foodie celebrating Hanukkah when we found these cute Yiddish ceramic bowls ($15 each) at we simply had to share.  Each hand painted bowl has a Yiddish phrase—Nachas (pride), Mazal (luck), Simcha (Joy) and our favorite Nosh (snack!) on the outside along with a colorful swirl on the inside.  They are a fun way to share Hanukkah snacks and stir-up conversation at the same time. These bowls are much larger than they appear in the pictures, you can nosh to your heart's content out of one of them. — picked by Foodie Pam


ImageImmersion Blender: No kitchen is complete without an immersion blender—indispensable for  everything from breakfast smoothies to soup suppers. Cuisinart now offers a dazzling array of delicious colors to choose from: tangerine, pomegranate, parsley, buttercup, and crush. Best of all, this $55.00 value is $29.95 at Sur la Table. What a way to stuff a stocking!  — picked by Peggy Fallon


ImageVintage Wine Glasses:  Can anyone ever have too many wine glasses? I think not-especially ones that are lead-free, dishwasher-safe crystalline by Waterford. While the supply lasts, here's a great deal on a set of 4 Marquis Vintage Deep Red Wine glasses: a mere $59.00, with no shipping charges and free gift wrap.  While there, check out all the other gorgeous glasses and gifts available at bargain prices on— picked by Peggy Fallon


Green Cookware:   I recently wrote a print article on "Greening" your kitchen and in it I discussed the various types of green cookware available including the coveted Le Cresuet and those faithful old school cast iron skillets. I also talked about the latest in non-stick where I sang the virtues of a brand of green cookware that you will love enough to toss out your Teflon.  Belgium brand Beka Chef Eco-Logic cookware ($60 and up), a non-stick ceramic coated line of cookware that has none of those nasty chemicals from traditional non-stick cookware (like PTFE and PFOA). These pans perform beautifully at lower heat ranges, needing very little heat to sear meat and sauté.  I've been using their fry pan for some time now and everything that I've cooked in it has come out perfectly which is what matters most right? This cookware is a perfect gift for newlyweds, singles, and anyone who is ready to make a change with their cookware. — picked by Heather Jones


ImageThermapen:  One kitchen tool that every chef (yes even a home chef) should have is a good instant read thermometer. The best tasting meats (not to mention lively yeast) are the ones that are cooked to exactly the right internal temperature and there's no better way to learn how to do this than with an instant read thermometer. Our absolute favorite instant read thermometer is the ThermoWorks Thermapen —fast, accurate, totally waterproof, and it comes in a bunch of cool colors.  — picked by Foodie Pam


Soda Stream:   I confess I love my carbonated beverages.  I especially love creating my own flavored syrups and adding a little bubbly water (seltzer) to it.  A Soda Stream machine ($79.95 and up) makes this at home for you.   In 30 seconds you can turn tap water to something fizzy and fun.  This is great for the family barkeep, hostess with the mostess, and those of us with little ones who like bubble water.  — picked by Heather Jones


ImageGlass Vision Toaster:  For those who really want control when toasting, the Magimix Toaster sold by Williams-Sonoma offers the ultimate toast experience. It has glass windows on either side that lets you watch while it is toasting.  Not only do I find this really cool, but I love that it lets me make sure all my efforts in making my own bread don't get wasted by over toasting. Besides the good looks, it works exceptionally well and makes great toast. The Magimix toaster and food processor only available at Williams-Sonoma in the United States. — picked by Foodie Pam


The Gift of Food — Some people really do have everything…or at least, everything they need. Gain their attention (and gratitude) with a gift of good taste—the edible kind—that can be shared with friends or savored all by their lonesome…

ImageTell Tale Society:  If you know a foodie who enjoys great tasting preserves, confections, cookies, cakes and other tasty goodies then this is for them.  The Tell Tale society is a monthly bag of these goodies ($35/month plus shipping) prepared by Executive Pastry Chef William Werner from the Tell Tale Preservation Company.   An example month could consist of chocolate fig jam, shortbread cookies, chocolate carrot cake, almond brittle and caramels.  This is the kind of gift that truly tells your friend you care!  And the best part is that the society can be joined on a month-by-month basis so if you want to treat your friend to this for just one month or several you can. — picked by Foodie Pam


ImageNudo Italian Foods: Our holiday gift guide a couple of year's ago included Nudo Adopt-an-Olive tree, which remains a fun gift of high quality olive oil.  But, Nudo also provides gift boxes with a decidedly Italian focus that can be combined with the olive oil tree adoption.  The gift boxes contain artisan products from Italy including combinations of sundried tomatoes, capers, pesto, artichoke hearts and tagliatelle mixed with a selection of Nudo's olive oil (of course!).  Gift Boxes range from $39-65 or they can be combined with a tree adoption for $134-159. — picked by Foodie Pam


ImageMet Bakery Gourmet Popcorn: Philadelphia is a great food city and one of its less hidden treasures is the Metropolitan Bakery .  I had the good fortune of spending a day at their headquarters last year where I sampled artisan breads that rival some found in the best European bakeries and their new granola which is still my all time favorite.  This year they've added handmade flavored popcorn to their list.  Created by co-owner and head baker James Barrett this is the most sophisticated take on caramel corn that you will ever see.  Hide this from the kids, heck hide it from your spouse.  You will not want to share it and that's what makes it a perfect gift. Just in time for the Holidays there is a lovely three flavor gift sampler ($25 plush shipping), Stout with smoked almonds, Bourbon Infused, and Spiced Peanut Butter flavor.  Each is rich and flavorful, not to be consumed in one sitting, but nibbled on with your favorite cocktail.  Try it, and gift it to someone who will share.  — picked by Heather Jones


ImageMomofuku MilkBar Cookies & Pies:   Last time I was in New York City, I had the opportunity to visit David Chang's Momofuku MilkBar, his confectionery outpost run by Pastry Chef Christina Tosi. One quick glance at the menu and I knew what I wanted, "Crack Pie", I had to know what a pie worthy of being named after one of the most addictive street drugs tasted like.  The pie is incredible, a rich buttery goodness, and I experienced a sugar high like no other. So imagine my delight when I found out that you can now order your own crack pie and have it shipped just in time for the Holidays ($44 plus shipping).  The overnight night shipping will cost you but this pie, like so many other goodies on their menu is a wonderful treat for the super sweet lover in your life.  — picked by Heather Jones


ImageMeat CSA:  We've all heard about getting weekly (or monthly) boxes of local, seasonal vegetables thru community sponsored agriculture (CSAs), but what about meat?  What better way to explore local meant than to join a local meat CSA?  Although they are not as common as vegetable/fruit CSAs they are are growing in availability throughout the country.  While I can't offer specific suggestions for the entire country, if you are from the San Francisco Bay area you should check out Marin Sun Farms .  I've been in their meat CSA for several months now and really enjoy it.   They have several packages to choose from depending on your family's size and the amount of meat you eat.  Each month you'll get a selection of meat based on your selected package from either beef, lamb, pork or goat. Packages range from $30/month to $170/month. — picked by Foodie Pam


ImageBison:  While I'm on the subject of meat, another great meat option is Bison.  It's a lean red meat that tastes great.  Sadly, Bison is not wildly available.  In fact, until recently I'd only had it in restaurants.  High Plains Bison   offers mail order Bison that arrives on dry-ice.  They have a wide selection of Bison meat cuts and also offer sausages, hot dogs and burgers.  The sausages, in particular, were quite good and offer a less fat alternative without less taste for those who, like me, crave sausages.  Some options include a Bison sampler  ($39.99) or 10 3.2 oz Bison Sausages ( $35.99). — picked by Foodie Pam

Gifts for Stuffing the Stocking - it's the little things that count!

Moleskine Recipe Journal: I always keep a small notebook with me in the kitchen so I can jot down recipes from some of my more memorable home cooked meals. But this Moleskine recipe journal ($19.95) beats my dollar store notebooks any day.  Perfect for the serious cook or food professional in your life.  It's divided into six themed sections, appetizers, main courses, etc. with plenty of blank pages to let your inner recipe developer run free.  I could use about three of these right now.  Available at Amazon and wherever Moleskine Journals are sold.  — picked by Heather Jones


Beer Soap:   Do you know someone who loves their beer so much you wonder if they'd be willing to bathe in it?  Well wonder no more, for the ultimate beer lover in your life, handmade Artisan style soaps made with Nogne Winter Ale, Sam Adams Holiday Porter and many more of your favorite brews.  That nightly beer has never felt so good. — picked by Heather Jones


ImageWine Salame:  Columbus' Wine Salame Collection is made with fine wine varietals and other quality ingredients specifically selected to complement and enhance their unique flavors. Choose from Pinot Grigio salame with a hint of lemon zest; Pinot Noir with pink peppercorns; or Cabernet Sauvignon with juniper berries. Around $ 5.99 for 8oz; available at select specialty food stores and grocery retailers nationwide.  — picked by Peggy Fallon


Cookbooks are always a great foodie gift.  We've got some picks for you that we'll  share next week in our foodie cookbook gift guide and in our annual selection of the best cookbooks of the year.

Disclosure: Items discussed in this post may have been provided by vendors, publicists, and/or manufacturers to Project Foodie. 

Disclosure: Samples of products discussed in this post may have been provided to Project Foodie by publicists and/or manufacturers.


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