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Oh Ice Cream - my heart belongs to thee

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Written by foodie pam   
Sunday, 15 July 2007


Today is National Ice Cream day and July is National Ice Cream month.  But who needs an official day or month to know that ice cream is the perfect treat?  Certainly not me.  In fact, Ice cream and I are lifelong friends.  Ice Cream has been with me through summer heat, spring rain, and even freezing winters.  No matter what I’ve been doing or where I’ve been Ice Cream has always been close at hand.  We met when I was a baby and my parents discovered a spoonful of Ice Cream put a smile on my face.  But Ice Cream didn't stop there; no Ice Cream had many ways cunning ways of getting close to me to nurture our relationship.  After little league softball games Ice Cream would ensure all the team members had a great celebration even if we lost the game!  In grade school, Ice Cream would hide between two cookies forming a wonderful handheld treat that I could enjoy in the middle of the school day.  During summer break, Ice Cream would hitch a ride on a musical truck and frequently stop by my neighborhood to say hi.  And a couple of times during visits to see my older brother, Ice Cream even took over control of my sister-in-laws car forcing her to drive to the nearby Ice Cream parlor.

Over the years Ice Cream was very successful in getting me addicted well before I even began working at an ice cream shop in high school.  Initially, my mother thought that working in an ice cream shop would sever me and Ice Cream.  Perhaps she though being covered in the sticky remains of all the ice cream I served would cause me to grow tired of Ice Cream.  How wrong she was!  No matter how covered my arms were from scooping ice cream cone after ice cream cone for hours on end during busy summer weekend shifts I still craved Ice Cream - and since it was now only an arms reach away I could easily indulge.  Fortunately, my wrists didn't like scooping the frequently very hard Ice Cream and alas I was forced out of the ice cream store.

I thought I might lose touch with Ice Cream when I went to college since I moved to one of the coldest spots in New York state where it was frequently no more than 20 degrees below zero when I walked to my 8am classes.  Yet Ice Cream still found me - with the help of two buddies named Ben & Jerry that is.  Later Ice Cream cultivated friendships through the sharing of an amazing dessert with chocolate Ice Cream sandwiched between two hot homemade chocolate and peanut butter chips topped with hot fudge and whipped cream appropriately called “The Ice Screamer”.

My love of Ice Cream grew even more when I met Husband and found he to loved Ice Cream (clearly a sign Husband was the perfect man!).  But sadly these days Ice Cream and I don't see each other very much.  Oh don't get me wrong I still love Ice Cream but not the fat.  Luckily, Ice Cream introduced me to some close cousins - Frozen Yogurt and Frozen Soy Milk.  They aren't quite as rich as Ice Cream but since they are in the Ice Cream family I've grown to love them.  I've even recently started making my own Ice Cream Cousins thanks to Peggy Fallon's new Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts cookbook that has a wonderful assortment of frozen yogurt, frozen soy milk, frozen ice milk and light sorbet recipes.  But today, in honor of national ice cream day, I'm going back to my good friend Ice Cream for a little reunion - just to see what the first frozen love of my life is doing these days...

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Ice Cream Day
Dine and Dish (Unregistered) 2007-07-18 14:09:37

I can't believe I missed national ice cream day! I need to make up for some lost time.
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